What is «Zolal»?

What is «Zolal»?

Dear friends and poets. I would like to write a few words about a new style of poetry which is called «Zolal». Although, a lot of people, poets and writers have written too much about this poetry format in Persian,Russian, Tajik but I prefer to write it in English. I as a matter of fact translate the words of the founder of this style Mr Abolfazl Dada. It seems to me it  would be better for  everyone, especially English speaking countries, to get to know about this new style.

What is «Zolal»? , a few words…

Maybe majority have heard a lot about the term «Zolal», and keen on exploring and describing the essence of this style and poetical format.

Zolal» is wide format poetry, in order to drag words in such a format, it requires accuracy, effort and requires much patience .If respected readers surf the Internet world and check the law of «Zolal», they will see that writing poems in such a form is not easy and is not so simple. However, virtuous poets emerged in this sphere that is satisfied for any inconvenience that has been worn away and their impact on world literature is considerable.

The thing that makes it different from other contemporary poems, it is having a unique format and it is being regulated, and even reviewing its format from outer structure and order of the other poems are completely different. So, «Zolal» cannot be a series from different styles and this style is defined as a complete and independent. And it is also defined and its low is written before its birth.

Azam Khujaste

«Zolal» as a defined format of poetry, on the second of January 2010 with principles of the details, along with twenty-three poems and with the example of the research findings was delivered via the Internet to the world of literature. Mr Azam Khujaste is the first poet and practical visitor of this style who welcomed it before anybody. Two days after the birth of Zolal, with a poem in this style he submitted a poem on my blog that showed his talent that can be practically demonstrated on this format. Mr. Khujaste is one of the famous and well-known poets of Tajikistan who is residing at the present time in Iran that we enjoy his words in the wide web. I proudly praise Mr. Khujaste as a talented poet in this field of poetry. His book «Clear well» is the first printed work in the form of Zolal and hopefully in a near future the number of such works will increase.

With the permission of respected readers I review the summary of useful content «Zolal».

General definition of «Zolal»

«Zolal» is a poem that starts step by step equally from low level and split ends in the low point. This type of poem consists of 5 to 11 lines. According to the weight, the longest line of the middle row is called «mother line» and row around it is called «symmetric lines». «Zolal» has two types: (Arooz and free) that there is special definition and principles for each of them.

This is the formula of  Zolal from Mr. Azam Khujaste:

Don’t leave

Don’t go off from my home

Don’t set off from the world of my legend

Don’t corrupt this corner of my paradise

Oh my angel, stay with me don’t go from this shack

I still can fill your fragrance of presence

I’m like a butterfly around you,

Oh, my dearest, don’t leave me

In the poem «Zolal» the way of resets of the weights and downwards and upwards, look like conquering the peak demonstrated the triangular arithmetic space visualize and makes it appear the interesting world of imagination and meaning of creator.

«Zolal» is  the best foundation for the formation of a new form of records  that hold imagination and talents to the new look and feel of love and the mystical and rare images in this type of Transcendental poetry  and can be reached to its peak in simple and clear language.

Descent and accent of weight in Zolal, deep feelings can have a vibration that often mirror movements in corner of the corners and rooted shortest word with the magic words, because the clearness of Zolal, is visible

This type of poetry has its own language and rhythm according to specific musical tastes and taste of poet that is made and rhythmic motion in regular waves will accompany. Poem, is real clear when despite the distance and observe the rhythm and step-defined principles of its own, be written in coordinated rhythm. However, this technique requires a lot skill and patience of master, and it is the best form of expressing affection, love and emotions. «Zolal» requires mobility, as it is clear from its plan, and it also demands for the size. It demands for order, corner and professional talents and privacy. Zolal, requires from the poet such abilities like precision and elegance and skills in order to create it in the lowest volume, in order to put strongest words in the form of regular and more advanced principles of transparency as it emerged.

The advantage of clear writing

The most important factor in this style is that it asks poet unlike their previous habits, use his arts and talents in to the newest and most advanced form of unprecedented and unique to the area emerged and brought in the form of letters and collects his sense in to this form.

However, due to the order and language technology and its own characteristics, it requires great concentration and imagination .I am sure that future generations entirely elaborate and will be interested in it, and work on writing clear, romantic and mystical art of exponential and they show their art on this style.

«Zolal», says: I do not like playing with words, and filling with words, if you have an essence, go ahead.

Never let it makes anyone’s head feel the pain, just express quality, systematic and methodical! But artistically say!

In this style of poetry format all kinds of talent can take part, it might be the field of classical talent and white and free, (modern poetry) to

However, not everybody is able to write Zolal but it is an alert and move on to a new generation that not to waste their ancestor’s efforts and to take in to consideration what they have done for them.

Note: Usually in Zolal, simple language and pure words can be said and felt and transparent, honesty and mental, are expressed and transmitted fully in this form of poetry.

In other words, «Zolal» often says little, but it says the most important words.

Zolal says: Whatever I’ve learned anything is from the past and present. I respect all the lyrics and respect and even it is necessary and important for me to respect the future, but on the diversity and changes that have caused, committed and happy and not retail any time I take a taste. I would also like that other keep my respect as well.

Zolal types

In general, «Zolal» is divided into four types that include:

A — Zolal with prosodic rhyme

B – Zolal without rhyme prosodic

C — Free Zolal

D — Continuous Zolal

The general Law of Zolal is clear in these four types, but with this difference

General rule of Zolal

-1The first row and the last lines must have maximum five syllables at the maximum weight.

-2The number of syllables between two lines (the difference between the two steps of the adjacent line in the triangular Arooz weight, only two numbers and count syllables in a free triangle weights up to six numbers with a distance equal basis and climbing stairs had a sink. (Example: If the number of syllables, i.e. the second row the first row of the number of syllables, rhythm number two should be more third row from the second row, is two more. Similarly, it climbs two into two and a staircase to the mother row as fully symmetrical and equal distance will slowly decreases.

-3Musical rhythm from beginning to end should be fully preserved.

-4 Number of rows per Zolal, should not be less than five and not exceeding to 11

-5 The following rows should be written together

-6 Symmetrical rows, in terms of weight, length or number of syllables and according to the Arooz rhythm should be equal together.

(Note):  The number of lines in all Zolal between prosodic has only two syllables.

Is «Zolal» poetry?

Logically «Zolal» is not poetry but one can writes a poem or lyrics in to this format and style. We have to see who writes and what does he writes. Although the ode is not poetry, but a poet can writes poetry in the format of an ode.

Well as a result Zolal is not poetry but you can write a Zolal poem.

Who created Zolal?

Abolfazl Dada

Now, «Zolal» is just a one year old and we already commenced debating about who is the founder of this poetical style. I think it is not so important to debate on this direction at the present time. We have to accept that Mr. Abolfazl Dada is the first founder of this style, and whatever the other say is just nonsense, because It was he who for the first time brought it to the world of Literature through internet. We have to let him to grow and we don’t have to be an obstacle in his way. This new style is not just for himself, but for entire Iran and the world. And we have to be proud that the founder and the creator of this new format is an Iranian poet not a foreigner. Although the number of Zolal poets are less, but we have not to lose our hope for its future development and improvements. It needs time to show its real face. It is just one year, and hopefully in future we will see how it develops and how the number of Zolal poets increases. Today Zolal is enlarging its circle in all around the world, in Tajikistan compositors and singers are trying to work on it. A group of tajik poets are learning this style.

The end…

Well, at the end, I hope that we come to our self and find out the reality of the literature’s significances, and importance and roles.

What I said is just been said many times, I have just repeated it. And I just said it for you in another language.  Hopefully, you understand what I mean. Time is the best mirror and the best just.

May God bless us all!

A few Zolal from Mr Azam Khujaste:

New Day

My dream jumped out of bed

No one could become aware of wings of my sleep

When I remember Him unconsciously in the midnight, I became aware of self

My ears heard the myths of dream

New Day has arrived



That your being,

Is life excuse

Come, I missed you a lot

Come and fill the hearts with love

And we give kisses

To each other lips

And you alive,


Give me wine

Give me oh cupbearer wine

Give me a chance again

I get tired of myself and come again

Give me power and speed

Come cupbearer set me free of this chain

Give me pure mauve wine

Give me wine

Don’t leave

Don’t go off from my home

Don’t set off from the world of my legend

Don’t corrupt this corner of my paradise

Oh my angel, stay with me don’t go from this shack

I still can feel your fragrance of presence

I’m like a butterfly around you,

Oh, my dearest, don’t leave me

Affection and stamp

Feel affection

In our heart

Can be seen and can be felt

With balmy glance of each other

Confirmed love agreement

And our kisses,

On this accord,

Remain as stamped forever

Kiss me

Don’t be reluctant again, kiss me

Give me hug like an innocent child

Wherever you are whether on the sky or under the earth

Come and kiss me

Get rid of pitfalls and get to me

Come and peacefully kiss me

Come and kiss me…

In a nighttime

There was a beloved with me

Our home like a school was-

Trial and scales of fever

That was a treasured night

Don’t say

Don’t utter from my love

Don’t speak from my passion

Never say that from passion you became my friend

Don’t even gossip to the nightingales and the cypress and tulip of the garden and lawn

Here the word «love» makes upheavals

Don’t say from the breakdown

Oh, my darling, don’t say



Had reached

In order to do mischief

To apart me easily

From the direct path

Oh God, for the sake of godliness

Irritate him again this time

So in order Satan

Is Cursed


Once night arrived

Two lips touched each other

The stars and galaxies were the eyewitness of this bliss

A boundless glory came to the unlimited land

Parting and solitude pulled away from the time

And the party of festivity came to my home

The ecstasy has come


Throw out grief, and come

Spring approaches, you come as well

Come next spring, we live in bliss

Come to the garden, to this shrine

Come up my darling Come up!

Way out

When I saw you,

You did not look at me

And I got sad from my awful fate

That we couldn’t reach to each other

I ask God to protect me from being alone


Childhood was a legend

Playing, was inside the house

Brother and sister all next to one another far from the pain and sorrow

Sympathizer and sympathetic mother day and night was like butterflies around us

We were all in perfect satiety having fun in thanks to Father

We were like chickens and each of his trees of garden was like nest

Our hair was brushing every morning and evening

Mother’s hands were as soft as the breeze

It was a treasured reminiscence

I came

I came back

I came back with a torn heart

The years of parting and separation injured my heart

And I came back because found out that you resort to connect,

May not be distances and boundaries between us any more

I came back with a broken heart

Firdavsi Azam


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